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Publikationsliste Univ. Doz. Dr. Martin Haas, MSc


  1. Glomerular permselectivity in proteinuric patients after kidney transplantation
    Oberbauer R, Haas M, Regele H, Barnas U, Schmidt A and Mayer G
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  6. A multilocular B-cell neoplasia presenting as multiple myeloma and polymorphic lymphoma of recipient origin 2 months after kidney transplantation in a heart transplant recipient.
    Haas M, Mannhalter C, Ullrich R, Schwarzinger I, Zuckermann A, Derfler K and Jager U
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  7. Cyclosporin A associated hypertension: pathomechanism and clinical consequences
    Haas M and Mayer G
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  12. The angiotensin converting enzyme gene polymorphism determines the antiproteinuric and systemic hemodynamic effect of enalapril in patients with proteinuric renal disease
    Haas M, Yilmaz N, Schmidt A, Neyer U, Arneitz K, Stummvoll H, Kramar R, Auinger M, Graf H , Schneider B and Mayer G for the Austrian Study Group of the Effects of Enalapril Treatment in Proteinuric Renal Disease
    Kidney Blood Press Res. 1998;21:66-69.
  13. Plasma immunoadsorption treatment in patients with primary focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis
    Haas M, Oberbauer R, Yilmaz  N, Borchhardt K, Regele H, Druml W and  Mayer G
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  14. A patient with antiphospholipid antibodies developing Wallenberg Syndrome during plasmaseparation
    Haas M, Oberbauer R, Druml W, Mayer G
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  16. Heart transplantation or combined heart/kidney transplantation? Even one renal biopsy may fool you
    Haas M, Kain R, Mayer G, Oberbauer R
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  17. Hypothyroidism as a cause of tacrolimus intoxication and acute renal failure: a case report
    Haas M, Kletzmayr J, Staudinger Th, Böhmig GA, Mayer G, Leko-Mohr Z,
    Druml W
    Wien Klin Wochenschr 2000; 21:939-941
  18. Reduction in mean glomerular pore size coincides with the development of large shunt pores in patients with diabetic nephropathy
    Oberbauer R, Nessov V, Weidekamm C, Haas M, Szerkeres Th, Mayer G
    Exp Nephrol. 2001;9(1):49-53
  19. Leucocyte scintigraphy with 99mTc-Exametazime-labeled leukocytes is not useful for follow up-up of systemic vasculitis
    Becherer A, Deicher R, Jilma B, Haas M, Staudenherz A, Hörl WH, Dudzak R, Kletter K
    Wien Klin Wochenschr 2002;15:114(1-2):28-32
  20. The LDH-ratio as a marker for response to plasma exchange in HUS/TTP of the adult
    Haas M, Leko-Mohr Z, Lang Th, Jansen M, Knöbl P, Hörl WH, Druml W
    Clin Nephrol 2002;57(6):414-420
  21. Osteoprotegerin as marker of  high turnover osteodystrophy and decreased bone mineralization in hemodialysis patients
    Haas M, Leko-Mohr Z, Roschger P, Kletzmayr J, Schwarz Ch, Domenig Ch, Zsontsich Th, Klaushofer K, Delling G, Oberbauer R
    Am J Kidney Dis  2002;39(3):580-586
  22. Treatment of therapy resistant idiopathic membranous nephropathy with probucol: a pilot study
    Haas M, Mayer G, Wirnsberger W, Holzer H, Ratschek M, Neyer U, Neuweiler J, Kramar R, Schneider B, Breiteneder-Geleff S,  Regele HM, Hörl WH, Kerjaschki D
    Wien Klin Wochenschr 2002;114/4:143-147
  23. Long-term treatment of myasthenia gravis by immunoadsorption
    Haas M, Mayr N, Zeitlhofer J, Goldammer A, Derfler K
    Journal of Clinical Apheresis 2002; 17(2):84-87
  24. Influence of plasma immunoglobulin level on antibody synthesis
    Goldammer A, Derfler K, Herkner K, Bradwell AR, Hörl WH, and Haas M
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  25. Peri-operative immunoadsorption in sensitized renal retransplant recipients
    Haas M, Böhmig GA, Leko-Mohr Z, Exner M, Regele H, Derfler K, Hörl WH, and Druml W
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  26. Antiproteinuric versus antihypertensive effects of high-dose ACE inhibitor therapy
    Haas M, Leko-Mohr Z, Erler C, Mayer G
    Am J Kidney Dis  2002;40(3): 458-463
  27. Zoledronic acid to prevent bone loss in the first six months after renal transplantation
    Haas M, Leko-Mohr Z, Roschger P, Kletzmayr J, Schwarz C,Mitterbauer C, Steininger R, Zsontsich T, Klaushofer K, Delling G, Oberbauer
    Kidney Int  2003;63 (3 ): 1130 – 1136
  28. Immunoadsorption for the treatment of  a patient with severe thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura resistant to plasma exchange: kinetics of an inhibitor of ADAMTS 13 [letter]
    Knöbl P, Haas M , Lazcika K, Varadi K, Turecek P
    J Thromb Haemost. 2003;1(1):187-9 
  29. Maximal lipid lowering therapy of FH patients for 28 months results in reduced coronary calcium and plaque stabilization as detected by fast computed tomography.
    Hoffmann U, Derfler K, Haas M, Stadler A, Brady TJ, Kostner K
    Am J Cardiol. 2003;91(4):461-4
  30. Nonsustained effect of short-term bisphosphonate therapy on bone turnover three years
    after renal transplantation.
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  32. A rare cause of anemia due to intestinal tuberculosis in a renal transplant recipient
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  33. The effect of oral anticoagulation on clotting during hemodialysis.
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